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Welcome to Countrysmart Insurance. Our agency is here to meet the needs Senior and Active Texans. We offer All types of Medicare Plan Options, Life Insurance, Supplemental Health and  Long-Term Care Coverage.

I love to help our clients with their insurance needs ever since my husband became an Insurance agent in 2006. He started out working for a BIG Insurance Company that only sold one ‘brand’.  It had a Great Reputation BUT, prices were over-the-top. 

I helped with setting appointments and customer service and he spent long hour out running appointments, you know Texas, we measure distance in hours.

We soon realized the need for better prices and that our clients need plans that the ‘brand’ does not offfer. 

Deciding to make a change: Countrysmart Insurance Agency was born in an effort to help people, like you, get the best coverage you can afford. I became a Licesed Agent to better serve our Clients.

As an Independent Agency, we work with Multiple ‘Brands’ or Carriers, and offer a range of Plans and Coverages. 

Staying up-to-date with new Insurance Options and shift to companies that offer the best rates for our Clients. So, you can SAVE money and keep the SAME benefits.

We do things differentlty now: using phone; fax; email; internet and sometimes in-person meetings to serve the needs of Active Adults in Texas, who have lived life on their own terms.

You have a Lifestyle and your own Priorties. Healthcare costs can drain your bank account, facing the death of your spouse with no, or very little Life Insruance is more than devestating – these type of things can sidetrack your whole life.

Offering Insurance Coverage for your changing health and inevitable events that can crush your Independence is what we do right here in Texas.

Medicare Plans

Want to SAVE Money? Whether you have been on Medicare for years, or are just starting to figure out that you need help, we can answer your questions and assist you in finding the Best Plan for You.

Health/LTC Plans

Not on Medicare, yet? Your spouse still has a few years before Medicare elegibilty? Need to cover the Obamacare Deductable?

Burial and Final Expense

Protect your loved ones with a Whole Life Policy to pay for your Funeral and your final bills.  Available for ALL health conditions.


Cover the holes in your Healthcare coverage with Dental, Vision, Hearing coverage. We have several Plans availble with sinlge Dental or combnation plans.

Term Life

When you need more insurance to protect your family if something happened to you, Term Life is the most affordable option. Plans that build Cash Value are available, as well.

CancerHeartStoke Ca.S.H

Regardless of your Medical Plan, Critical Illness Plans pay YOU directly, use the money in any way you choose.

a Clear Focus on Your Concerns

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Simple and Easy, the Way Life Should Be

We have a Passion for helping You get the coverage You need, to protect Your priorities in Your life.

Professional Agent offering Practical Advice with  Personalized Service.

 As you approach mid-life,  retirement, and beyond you face changing concerns. We give you a common-sense approach to your coverage options. Don’t guess about things that your ‘second cousin’s neighbor mentioned a couple years ago‘…Get REAL Answers from a Licensed Agent, who cares about doing right by you.    

You have had a multitude of experiences in your lifetime, you faced each new phase of life with people at your side: parents; friends; spouse; kids…It’s time to call on a Professional to help you sort out what comes next, so you can continue to enjoy the Life you built. 

We Specialize in:

  • Medicare Options
  • Burial/Final Expense
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Term Life
  • Alt.Health & Long Term Care
  • Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack

Professional | Practica| Personalized

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